"The Sunstone" and "The Hearth Stone"

A curled up sleeping angel of a saluki. The "Sunstone" is the smooth and the "Hearthstone" is the feathered. I have a few immediately available in smooth and feathered. After these are sold please allow 3-4 weeks as each one is a custom handmade piece. Price is $75.00 each including shipping UPS within the United States. At right are samples of red clay smooth (top) and white clay feathered (bottom). Both Hearth and Sunstone are available in red or white clay. To order you can click on the preferred button to the right for PayPal or e-mail me.

"Daughter of the Desert"

Artist - Nancy Maclean of Conamor Salukis

The original painting was inspired by a Raswan photo of a desert bred bitch and her puppy. This photo appeared in a 1937 issue of National Geographic and the article was called "Hark to the Hounds". The prints are "artist proofs" from the 1982 printing of a limited edition set. Print size is 17h x 22w and image size is 14h x 18w.

This page shows the items that I have in stock and the quantities available. If you would like to place an order please drop me an e-mail or give a call. I do have a PayPal account and can accept your payment to or by clicking on the PayPal (red or white clay) button next to the item or the image of the print.

The "Gallery 2" page shows samples of items that I have made in the past. Please cruise around and enjoy my work. You can also click on the tiles below to go the the Gallery 2 page.